How to be an investor and property owner in Australia?




Are you a foreign investor who would like to buy into the Australian property market?



Australian properties have enjoyed consistent capital growth over the last 100 years, with property prices doubling roughly every 7 to 10 years.



Keeping ahead of Australia’s economic climate is a wise investment of your time, when taking control of your financial future through investing in property.


Skilled workforce, culture diversity, international migration, high population growth, high-level of household income, political stability and hailed as 13 in the ranking of quarterly GDP of the 50 countries  last 2019. 



Australia’s property market has a proven record of stable prices.


This article serves as simple guide to acquiring a property investment in Australia.

Step 1. Consultation and get a helping hand from a team of professional


Assessment of your investment goals, finances and plans in the future with your buyers agent. 


You need the assistant of conveyance, accountant, mortgage broker and buyer agent in providing assistance with legal matters, financial, loan approvals and finding the best property investment on your behalf.


Finding the best investment property that will help you gain a profitable growth long-term.

Step 2. Know your lending criteria and mortgage options


Talk with your buyers agent regarding your finances to provide recommendation specific lending criteria.

Specialist mortgage brokers can assist you to qualify for a foreigner mortgage. To qualify for a mortgage higher deposit may be required to qualify for a loan. 


The lender that we apply with will complete a ‘serviceability assessment’ to work out how large of a loan you can afford to repay.


The method that they use is much stricter than what they normally use with Australian citizens living in Australia.



FIRB is an Australian government department that assesses applications from foreigners who would like to invest or buy a home in Australia. The investment property must be a new property or vacant land to build a new property.


Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand (NZ) citizens don’t require FIRB approval.


Getting FIRB approval is a simple process and usually takes up to two weeks from the date the application is lodged. Fees can vary depending on the value of the residential property or land that you want to purchase.

Step 4. It’s time to find your investment property with your buyer’s agent

Your buyer’s agent will help you find the profitable property and negotiate the price.


It’s the responsibility of the buyer's agent to handle and obtain mortgage approval, contracts and all the legal requirements that come with buying the property.

At Bluebell Real estate, we specialise in helping foreign investors and buyers find the best property that suits their needs, guide them through the purchasing process, and assist them with relocating to Australia and into their new homes.


We help you find the smart investment that will help gain and yield long-term capital growth. Based on the important market segments and factors that affect the property market growth. 

We also assist our clients with their rental property and provide all aspects of property management.

Learn more of our Fly and Buy with Bluebell Real Estate

Email us to request a sample Itinerary if you wish to visit Australia for the purposes of purchasing property and/or viewing education opportunities and purchasing property


Bluebell Real Estate will develop an Itinerary with you so you can fly into anywhere in Australia to view properties with the interest to purchase a property to live in or purchase for investment.


Itineraries are for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane or any other city of your choice.  Once you know which city you are interested in we will then update the Itinerary to suit your needs. 


Our Itineraries also include time for you to get to know the City and enjoy activities such as shopping, golf, visiting tourist destinations and stay in 5 Star accommodation. 


By filling in the Bluebell Australian Property Enquiry Form and choose from the Itinerary which activities interest you, we will develop and price an Itinerary to suit your needs and interests.


We can design an Itinerary for one person, a whole family or an entire group. Activities and prices will depend on your requirements and how many properties you wish to visit.  We will also adjust the Itinerary to suit the number and ages of children on the trip.