Information for Tenants

Welcome to Bluebell Real Estate! As a tenant , to our team, you are one of our valued clients too. We will work hard to ensure that you can enjoy living in your new home and that you have a positive experience in renting one of our properties.

This page provides you with important information that you should know, so please read through it carefully. Your property manager is also here to answer any questions you may have. 

Our office hours:

Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00 pm

Your documents

There are THREE important documents you must have and keep in a safe place during your tenancy with us:

  1. Residential Tenancy Agreement
  2. Renting Guide
  3. Completed Property Condition Report

Be prepared to refer to these documents every so often.

Condition report

The property condition report is a part of your Tenancy Agreement and is an important document that protects both yours and the landlord’s interests in regards to the condition of the property. One copy is provided to you at the commencement of your tenancy, and details the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy.

When your lease ends and you vacate the property, this condition report will be used as a basis for assessing whether there is any variation to the condition of the property during your tenancy, besides fair wear and tear. It is your responsibility to return the property in a condition similar to that detailed in the condition report, minus variations due to fair wear and tear. The refund of your rental bond is dependent on this.

When you first receive your condition report, check thoroughly, amend, and add comments as necessary. Sign and return one copy of the report to our office within SEVEN (7) working days from the commencement of your tenancy. It is important that you return this to us, because if it is not returned, we will assume that you have accepted the property condition report as is.

Rent payments

Your rent is payable in advance at all time, as stated on your Tenancy Agreement. All tenants are jointly liable for all rental payments. Please only pay the amount specifically stated on your Tenancy Agreement – in the case of a shared tenancy, one tenant should be responsible for making the regular rental payment, with all other tenants paying that person to avoid any confusion.

In situations where you are unable to meet your rental payments, contact your property manager IMMEDIATELY to discuss.

Payments can be made in person or by post to our office. However, we do not accept cash payments at our office.

We recommend that you pay your rent by direct debit from your bank account. Ensure that your tenant ID is always clearly stated on your deposit slip or as your internet transfer reference. Your tenant ID can be found on the front page of your Tenancy Agreement.

If a personal cheque is dishonoured, it must be replaced IMMEDIATELY with a cash payment to our office, together with reimbursement of the dishonour fee charged to us by the bank.

A termination notice will be issued to you if your rent is more than FOURTEEN (14) days overdue. We will apply for any unresolved rental arrear matters to be heard by the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal.

Your utilities

Direct Connect is an all-in-one utility connection company, offering a free utility connection service for people moving into a new home. If you wish to use this free service, complete and sign the utility connection section of ur application form. Direct Connect will then contact you directly to confirm your details and connection timings.

Your landlord will pay for water rates where water usage in your rental home is not individually metered. If the water usage component is individually metered in your rental home, you (the tenant) will be liable to pay for the water rates incurred. Generally, houses will be individually metered, however your Tenancy Agreement will specify if you are required to pay for your water usage on the property. Contact your property manager if you are unsure.

If you wish to connect your utilities yourself, these phone numbers would be useful:

AGL – 13 12 45 (gas & electricity)

TELSTRA – 13 22 00 (telephone)


Please advise us of your new phone number (landline) as soon as your telephone service is connected. Advise us immediately of any change in employment during your tenancy too, including information about your new employer and business phone number. These up-to-date contact details are important as we may need to contact you urgently for various reasons such as to arrange repairs.


Protecting your belongings with insurance

Your landlord will have insurance cover on the property, but it DOES NOT extend to cover your belongings. We strongly recommend that you take out a comprehensive home contents insurance cover as it is your responsibility to insure your own personal items, including clothing, furniture, electronic goods, etc. This will protect your belongings in the case of theft, fire, or other unfortunate events.

Maintenance and emergency repairs

Please submit all requests for repairs and maintenance to our office promptly and we will attend to your request as soon as we can. A written request must be submitted to us via email to, or directly to your property manager where possible.

To ensure we can act on your request quickly, please provide the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Address of property
  3. Detailed description of the problem
  4. Access details – let us know if we should call to make an appointment for access

Note that it is your responsibility to provide access to tradespeople during reasonable working hours. You may be liable to pay for the tradesperson’s service call if you break an appointment with them without providing them with reasonable notice.

In the event of an urgent repair required outside office hours and our office cannot be contacted, you can make arrangement for repairs directly with the authorised tradespeople listed on the front page of your Tenancy Agreement. Please refer to Clause 19 of your Tenancy Agreement for further information regarding urgent repairs.

It is your responsibility to replace light globes and batteries for smoke detectors on the premises of your rental home, as stated in your Tenancy Agreement.

Change of tenant

The owner has approved your tenancy application and the Tenancy Agreement is in your name(s). You are thus responsible for meeting all of the requirements and conditions of the lease unless it is assigned to another person(s) or cancelled by mutual consent.

If a new tenant is to replace an existing tenant, a new tenancy application must be submitted and approved by the owner before any change can occur as a new Tenancy Agreement must be entered into. A rental bond Change of Shared Tenancy Agreement form must also be completed and lodged with the Rental Bond Board.

Periodic inspections

During your tenancy, the property will be inspected periodically. Our office will contact you in advance to advise of any upcoming inspections.

Final inspections

A final inspection of the premises will be carried out before the bond can be released. You do not have to be present at the inspection, but if you should wish to be present at the inspection, contact our office prior to the date and we will arrange a suitable time. We will assess the variations of the condition of the premises between commencement and conclusion of your tenancy, taking into account fair wear and tear, when considering the refund of your bond.

Terminating your tenancy

You must give us correct notice in writing should you wish to terminate your tenancy. Refer to your tenancy guide for the correct notice periods.

Both the landlord and tenant(s) are committed during the fixed term of the lease. With the exception of limited extenuating circumstances, you will be liable to pay a fee if you break your lease during this fixed term. Further information can be found in the terms of your Tenancy Agreement.

We will contact you in the time leading up to your notice day, and may request access at agreeable times to show prospective tenants through.



Your tenancy does not conclude until all keys to the property are returned to our office.

If any of the locks on the property is changed during your tenancy, the Tenancy Agreement states that you must supply us with ONE set of the keys.

Rental bond

All bonds in relation to residential tenancies are forwarded to the Rental Bond Board. After the final inspection is carried out at the conclusion of the tenancy period, we will authorise disbursement of the relevant refund payment.

To ensure that you get your bond refunded promptly, please ensure that the property is in the same condition as at the commencement of the tenancy (allowing for reasonable wear and tear).


We are committed to your satisfaction. Contact our office at or your property manager for assistance if required.

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