Property Management Services for Landlords

Working as partners with you to protect your investment, our team of property managers at Bluebell Real Estate will take care of you and your property at every step of the way, managing all your properties the same way we would manage our own.

Perhaps you have a well-loved family home that you have decided to rent out, and you will probably be thinking about many things, such as:

1.    How much is my property worth as a rental?

2.    How will I find the right tenants?

3.    How can I ensure that the tenants will take care of my property?

4.    How can I ensure that my property is maintained to a high standard?


Or perhaps you have an investment property that you rent out in order to earn some passive income, and you are concerned about:


1.    Whether your property is earning you the income that you deserve;

2.    How to handle having tenants who are regularly in arrears;

3.    What to do about property that is regularly vacant, resulting in loss of income;

4.    The less-than-satisfactory level of service you are receiving from your current property manager;

5.    Accurate financial reporting


These are just the tip of the iceberg. As a landlord, effective property management is the difference between a profitable investment and one that is more trouble than it is worth. You want an investment property that gives you a comfortable source of passive income without too much work for yourself, and that is exactly what our team at Bluebell Real Estate will guarantee you.


As your dedicated property manager, this is our commitment to you:

The right tenants

Finding the right tenants for your property can feel like an insurmountable task sometimes. But it doesn't have to be that hard! The best tenants for your property is a stable, reliable and long-term one who will look after your property well. And depending on your own preference, you might have certain criteria your tenants must meet. Our professional team will exercise their discretion and sound judgment to ensure that references are carefully checked and your requirements are met while evaluating prospective tenants. Two non-negotiable selection criteria are that they can pay the rent and that they will care for your property.

Minimal vacancy periods

Finding the right tenants is only half of the equation. We understand that time is of the essence and the right tenants must be found as quickly as possible. We have an arsenal of effective marketing methods under our belt, that will guarantee that your property is well promoted. Depending on your specific property, our options include ( but are not limited to ) internet, print, advertising, signage and word of mouth.

We will manage the whole listing process for you, including organising for the taking of quality digital photographs of your property, listing it with photography and strong well-drafted copy on all major real estate websites, including, and

Our team will also get the extra mile to identify and contact appropriate prospects from our database of former and current tenants, as well as those who have inspected similar properties through our office.

Your property maintenance

As your property managers, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that your property is well-maintained and that any repairs or maintenance requirements are promptly attended to. Your property manager will inspect your property every 4 - 6 months, ensuring that tenants are honouring their agreements and that all legislative requirements are met. We have a trusted team of tradespeople who we turn to when repairs or maintenance request are received, or you can nominate your preferred tradespeople for specific tasks.

Your financial and administrative responsibilities

It can be overwhelming to consider keeping track of all incoming and outgoing financials in relation to your investment property, ensuring all rental proceeds are received on time and in accurate amounts, making regular payments relating to your property such as council rates, strata levies and more. And that's not even including end-of-financial-year reporting for tax purposes.

Our team at Bluebell Real Estate uses a dedicated property management software to apply standard bookkeeping principles for the administration of properties that we manage.

It is our responsibility to manage all accounting administration for you, including:

1.    Collection of rent

2.    Payment of rental proceeds directly into your nominated bank account

3.    Payment of outgoings ( council rates, water rates, strata levies and insurance premiums, plus any other payments you request for us to make on your behalf )

4.    Preparing a fully itemised monthly financial statement for you

5.    Preparing an income and expenditure summary for your property at the end of each financial year.

Your personalised service

We may be managing the property for you, but we acknowledge that the property is YOURS, and the power to make decisions lies in YOUR hands. Your needs and preferences in relation to communication method, reporting frequency, tenant preferences, etc will be discussed at the beginning of our working relationship, which are then clearly communicated to the whole team to ensure we respect your requests.

For a limited time, we are offering THREE ( 3 ) months of FREE property management service to all new clients. Even if you have an existing property manager, you will not incur any costs in switching agencies. We will handle everything the whole process for you!

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